Enchanted Teak

Update: Now an online store, the shop has closed.
Link to shop here: http://www.naturoteak.com/

Enchanted Teak Furniture brings to you the very best in quality teak furniture and hand carvings that are fairly traded. We are a company that is environmentally driven, applying green practices through all steps of the harvesting, milling, and manufacturing of this solid and enduring furniture.

We are a Canadian company that places a great deal of value in respect and integrity earned through good business. Dealing directly with small home craftsmen allows us to practice by "Fair Trade". We are renowned for our superior service and friendly approach to our customers.

By phone: 416-850-7378
By fax: 416-850-7379
Or by email: enchanted_teak@hotmail.com


Hours: best to Call before (Not open Mondays)

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  1. I certainly was not expecting the furniture to be so lovely. I haven't seen such lovely pieces in a long times. They remind me of sculpture in parks. I would really like to own one of these and have a piece like that in my own home.

    I think furniture can be used to express the preferences of individuals in many different ways, Nowadays, we see this come out in colors, or the type of wood that is used. However sitting on sculpture is an attractive option as well- it's just expensive.

    1. Teak furniture is wonderful, and I'm glad so many people are enjoying it in conventional and unconventional ways.

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