Having lived in the beaches in Toronto, I've realized a few things. 
1. It's always colder on the beach
2. Everyone has a dog except me
3. There are very few bars to relax

Fitzgerlald's is one of those small tucked away bars, near the end of Queen St E.
It has a very jazzy feel, and the TV's on the bottom floor are often playing sports. Too bad I'm not a huge fan of sports, but for those who are, it would be a dream come true. The bottom floor is also the main eating area and bar.

The upstairs takes on a different mood, it has a pool table, lounge, foozball game and a separate bar. You can also rent out the top floor for parties, anniversaries, or what not. All in all this establishment is a good choice for a few drinks, with a few friends.

2298 Queen St. East
Beaches, Toronto, ON
M4E 1G8
416 698-8588

Monday to Saturday: 12pm to 2am
Sunday: 12pm to 12am

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