LocallyToronto.com Featured in Toronto's LocalMagazine

Hey, I thought I'd take this week to let everyone know of LocallyToronto.com being featured in Toronto's LocalMagazine. The magazine runs from the Beaches and Leslieville to Danforth and Broadview. The publisher is Sarah Dann (who I had the pleasure of talking with) who was interested in including some of my art in an upcoming issue, and after a few months of deciding which issue and where it should go it finally got featured in the 2012 winter issue. The Article itself is about saving Queen Street East (where most of my art pieces at the moment are from). There is a small version of the Article on LocalMagazine's website, or you can grab your copy from one of the many retailers that carry the Local.

Can't wait to keep creating more artwork and keeping everyone informed in the most cartoonish way!

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