Life is Sweet

I'm not one to buy cupcakes or other sweets, especially when the one thing I tend to blow my 'treat money' on is a 24 pack of Ice Cream Sandwiches (see link here:

With that said, if I had to spend my treat money else where, Life is Sweet would be one of the few places I'd definitely suggest. They're known largely for their cupcakes, but offer many other treats, household ware and utensils.

The shop is very cute and cozy, reminds me of my grandmothers kitchen. The service is fast and they all seem very nice.

Anyways, back to the food shop itself, the cupcakes are delicious: I'd suggest the lemon drop and mint cupcakes. Now it's your turn…why are you still reading this…click on their site down there…drive to their shop and get yourself a sweet treat!


2328 Queen St East, Toronto, M4E 1G9

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