KIds at Home

The Beaches is very much a family oriented community.
When walking from place to place, you'll be sure to see a family to your right, 
to your left, and any other axis you can conjure up.

Kids at Home aims to satisfy the growing number of families in the Beaches, and all areas of Toronto. They can provide some cutting edge furniture, bedding, decor, strollers, toys and some other essential items to getting your family started, and keeping them happy.

You may be surprised to know that Kids at Home has interior designers on staff that can help you turn any children's area into everything you dream.

Some of there most popular items include: custom linens, creative diaper bags, and furniture for all ages and an impressive selection of wall art.

You can check them out online:

Or check them out in person here:
2130A Queen St E, Toronto, ON, M4E 1E1
t: 416 698 9726
416 698 5727

Any questions:

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