Chocolate by Wickerhead

 One major thing that is truly apparent with Chocolate by Wickerhead is the freshness and style of each piece. It almost feels as though you're eating a piece of art, but you don't feel bad because that was it's life goal.

 The shop is small and quaint with a very warm-brown colour scheme. The chocolates are all showcased in a display one by one. Each flavour as delicious as the last, and one for each taste-bud. With all the choices it can be hard to decide. For raspberry lovers I'd suggest the Raspberry Kiss, a sweet and subtle blend that is more soothing than most raspberry chocolates on the market. 

 For nut lovers, with all my heart, I would suggest the Cara Croquant, it has just the right amount of crunch, and has a flavour that bites back. For mint lovers, there is the Mint chocolate. It tickles the taste buds with each bite, until you don't realize you ate the whole thing and your slowly chewing away at your fingers…totally worth it.

        Of course, I can't decide for you, that's why there is a list of all the chocolates here:

Call them:
647 344 9060


Visit in person:
2375 Queen St E, Toronto, Ontario M4E 1H2

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