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After much work and so much drawing (probably 200 hours for all the pieces in the Beaches). What I originally set out to accomplish is complete. You can now check out my giant pan of the Beaches.

I'll cut them into pieces and put them up in neighbourhood chunks in the near future.
Don't be afraid to go out and enjoy the Beaches (even though it is winter).

 Once again here are all the shops and restaurants who believed in this project and my art, in street order:

The Wardrobe Designer
Bumbleberry Kids
Envy Eyeware
Beach Bird
Thai Grill
Kids at Home
Pippins Tea
Juice and Java
The Dog Market
Yoka Fashion
Green Basil
Set Me Free
Enchanted Teak
Dvine Cafe
4Cats Art Studio
Curvaceous Consignment
Tori's Bakeshop
Wine Expert
Chocolate by Wickerhead
The Belgian Chocolate Shop
Life is Sweet

I can't wait to tackle the next neighbourhood...but which neighbourhood will it be?
I guess we'll find out when Summer starts again!

*Update: The Beaches Long Strip is now for sale, more information here:

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